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      Advisory and Opportunities
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Advisory and Opportunities

Share your thought and submit enquiry for advise. Grow your network and business opportunities.

Activity Streams
Social Sharing - Sharing posts to external social sites has never been so easy. View recent property updates and event among their own circle of business partner and customer.

Engagement - Engage with one another on the stream by liking a post or posting comments.

Stream Filters - Quickly filter posts that like to see on the stream.

Embedded Medias - Supports embedding rich media content from any oEmbed-supported site.

Submit property or business requirement for expertise advisory. Working together as a customer and collaborating between peers for business opportunity.

File Sharing - Organize and share files among members of the group

Discussions - Segmented forums within each individual groups

Tasks and Note - Assign and distribute tasks to members of the group or message need to be convey.

Group Types - Manage your groups into public, closed and secret

1.    General - General advisory and opportunities
2.    Agent - Ask agent and share business opportunities. Eg, selling and buying procedure, stamp duty incur and etc.
3.    Co-Broker - Co-broker opportunities among property agents, information sharing and etc.
4.    Developer - Property new launch announcement, information sharing and etc.
5.    House Owner – Ask agent, renovation, furnishing, storage related matters.
6.    Buyer – Tell us what do you like to buy... Looking for agent…
7.    Seller – Selling property and looking for property agent and related matters.
8.    Rental – Ask agent related rental matter, house for rent and etc
9.    Loan and Financing – Ask expert on money related matter. Financial available package offer to buyer…
10.    Legal Firm – Seek for legal advise on property related regulation and agreement matter. Legal service to offer.
11.    Home Design – Ask for design ideas and quotation. Sharing design ideas to public.
12.    Decor and Furnishing - Ask for suggestion and quotation. Sharing product and information to public.
13.    Mover and Storage – Enquiry services and offer.
14.    Home Maintenance – Ask for maintenance service. Eg, pet control and etc
15.    Relocation – Enquiry relocation related matters.

Event Management
Announce, organize and schedule meet up among group member or customer and business partner. Connecting event creators with attendees.

R.S.V.P - Simplified step RSVP to an event invitation.

Event Privacy - Arrange private or public events for your group.

Export to Calendar - Export to iCal to sync your events into your favorite calendar!

Multiple Apps - Over 5 different apps supported in Events.

Share Your Thought and Comment
Post updates and share your thought with your circle of customer and business partner.

Hashtag & Mentions - Involve friends by mentioning their @names or add #hashtags

New Emoticons - Express emotions on the stream with the built-in emojis

Friend Tagging - Get your friends and family involved and stay connected

Geolocation Support - Share your current location along with your post

Conversations - Collaborate with customer and business partner and peers with the conversations in Social Net.

Group Conversations - Engage conversations in groups for discussions or casual catch-ups with customer and business partner

File Sharing - Share files, photos or documents in the conversation easily

Notifications - Get notified immediately when there are new conversations arriving on your inbox

Video Sharing
Rich media and entertainment on the site provides engagement between users.

Categorization - Categorize videos in it's own categories allowing videos to be searched easily

Video Uploads - Users will be able to upload their video recordings

Embedded Videos - Embed videos from reputable video providers

Tagging - Tag friends and peers in videos uploaded on the site

Share useful and information photo with customer and business partner.

Photo Uploads - Upload photos on the fly from your favorite devices

Rich Metadata - EXIF data will be extracted from your photos and stored on the site

Photo Gallery - Lets you swiftly browse through photos in a photo gallery

Face Tagging - Tag your friends in photos to gain exposure within your circle of friends.


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  • Help and Guide
  • Residential For Sale
  • Residential For Rent
  • Commercial For Sale
  • Commercial For Rent
  • New Launches
  • Overseas Properties
  • Loan and Financing
  • Legal Firm
  • Home Design
  • Decor and Furnishing
  • Mover and Storage
  • Home Maintenance
  • General


Open discussion to share your thought and ideas.


  • Hottest Property Market
  • Property Investment
  • Price, Rents and Rental Yields
  • Landlord and Tenant
  • Buying Property
  • Selling Property
  • Expat or Relocation
  • Finding Agents
  • Real Estate Career
  • General Discussions

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Latest property market news update.



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