BlogAds Market Place is online network provides related property services and products to both advertisers and bloggers. We are welcome all Agent, Co-Broker, Designer, Buyer, Seller, Banker, Mover, Home Decoration, Furniture Supplier, Home Maintenance and Professional Service Provider to promote their products and services at PropertyGuide.sg. Post your listing as following steps:

1. Login
- Enter your User Name or Email Address, Click "Log in" button OR
- Sign in with Facebook Account, Click "Sign in with Facebook" button.

2. Click "BlogAds Market Place" on the top menu.

3. Click "Quick Submit Ad" button http://www.propertyguide.sg/images/quicksubmitbutton.png to start post your ad.

4. You may either post Ad with Text with Photo or Text only.
a. Text with Photo
- Click "Photos" button.
- Click "Upload Photo", then click "Click here to upload a photo"
OR Click "Take A Photo", then click "Capture Picture" by following the instruction provided.
- Enter "Title (Required)" in the text box.
- Enter "Enter some contents here ..." in the text box.
- Click "More Options" button, then choose "Select a Category" and choose "Viewable by all users" option from drop down list.
- Click "Publish Story" button to submit the ad for approval.

5. Completed.
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